Design. Create. Innovate.

With over 15 years of experience within the Interior Design Industry, I have a long-held passion for making spaces beautiful and unique. My love of interior design started at Edinburgh School of Art where I studied and obtained my B.A. in Design & Applied Arts. The course covered all aspects of Residential and Commercial design and compelled me to enter the industry for work.

I love creating new spaces and pushing boundaries and pride myself on possessing an ‘Outside the box solution’ to every problem I face. My experience has helped me to have a good understanding of how to blend materials, textures, and colours together, to curate a unique and special space. My favourite style direction is the Timeless Scandinavian design, along with industrial and rustic design spaces.

Understanding my client’s lifestyle and aesthetic preference is an essential part of my process to ensure the final product reflects each client’s aspirations. During the initial consultation I will listen carefully to your interests, preferences and requirements in order to understand and gauge an accurate idea of your personal style and expectations. 


I am passionate about new opportunities and love a challenge. For this reason, I am happy to take on any project, big or small, challenging or basic. Homing in on my extensive experience you can trust me to create the space of your dreams.

Let me bring your dream room alive.